EMB200 Ipanema

EMB200 Ipanema is a Brazilian agricultural aircraft used for aerial application, particularly crop dusting. It is produced by Indústria Aeronáutica Neiva. The aircraft is widely employed in Brazil, having market share of about 80%, and the 1,000th delivery was completed on 15 March 2005. Besides aircraft, alcohol-conversion kits for gasoline-powered Ipanemas are also sold.

Features (Version 1.07)

- 4 liveries with 4k textures
- Full PBR Materials
- High detailed interior model and animations
- High detailed exterior model and animations
- 2 models (with spray system and without spray system)
- Optional winglets  and Static Elements
- Tablet to control static elements, fill chemical tank and winglets visibility.
- Custom spray system and chemical tank
- Custom spray visual effects
- Documentation and MSFS checklist