Ercoupe 415C

The ERCO Ercoupe is an American low-wing monoplane aircraft that was originally manufactured by the Engineering and Research Corporation (ERCO) shortly before World War II. It was designed to be the safest fixed-wing aircraft that aerospace engineering could provide at the time.

The Ercoupe was the first aircraft certified as "unable to spin" by the Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA).

This addon is based on the Ercoupe 415C manufactured after WWII which had a 75HP Continental C75 engine.

Features (Version 1.1)

6 Liveries

8K full PBR textures

High quality 3d modelling and animations

Flight model with limited stall and spin characteristics

All switches, lever and knobs operable (except circuit breakers)

4 panel colors (Blue, Black, Red and Yellow)

Optional and subtle panel vibrations

Subtle tail and aileron vibrations

Radio and Transponder

Rotating beacon lights

Optional landing gear fairing and cockpit cover

Static Elements (chocks, tie down, etc)

Options Tablet to control the airplane custom options

Save state system for the airplane custom options

Documentation and checklist (including MSFS checklist)